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According to current research, more than 85% of American adults use the Internet. And 71% of those adults have used the Internet to purchase products online. Businesses responded, and now there is more advertising online than in print. Is your business keeping up?

According to recent polls, the Internet continues to gain market share from print, radio and television, and the number of users and hours online are climbing strongly (Pew Research, Harris Interactive). In addition, Internet usage is notably higher in upper income and the 30-49 year old brackets, making Internet users an especially desirable demographic. In the workplace, the majority of U.S. office workers report that the Internet makes them more productive (Pew Research). IDU Creative Services can help you reach this audience.

Small businesses agree on the importance of the Web

The National Small Business Association (NSBA) recently published the results of their NSBA Small Business Technology Survey, and found strong agreement in businesses of less than 100 employees:
  • 97 percent consider it important to keep up with new technology
  • 82 percent have a website for their business
  • 85 percent do their purchasing on-line
  • 85 percent use social media for business networking

Interact with your customers

Unlike print, radio and television, the Internet is an interactive medium. Depending on your website functionality, customers can interact with you via surveys, email, response forms, forums, chat or instant messaging.

This gives you the ability to quickly update your website content based on customer feedback as well as on customer usage metrics collected by your website. Your website metrics can be very useful: for example, The New York Times found that for large Internet companies, the potential for collecting data was up to 2,500 times per user per month. Wow!

Save some money

When your printed brochures get out-of-date, you’re left with a costly pile of paper to recycle. But when your website content gets out-of-date, it’s a simple matter to update it on the fly, or even add pages of brand new content. Many companies are reducing their printing costs by including PDF versions of their brochures and sellsheets online instead of printing them. IDU Creative Services can help you save money with this strategy. And with content management systems like WordPress, companies can move their websites maintenance in-house, saving even more money.

Grab a win-win situation

Whether the purpose of your website is to increase your brand presence, expedite access to products and marketing information, or direct customers to your physical location, IDU can help. We build custom websites with compelling content, beautiful graphics and careful attention to your core messages ó a win for you and for your customers.

But that’s not all! We make the process easy for you every step of the way, and at the end of the process deliver a powerful online tool that will boost your bottom line.

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