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Your product is doing well at home. But what about down the block or around the world, where customers may speak a different language and respond to different cultural cues?

Let’s say that your product is ready for international sales — you have a focused target market, international legal and distribution agreements in place, and regional sales support set to go. Will the local costumers understand your message and see the value of your product in the context of their own culture?

Mistakes can be costly, as Matt Haig noted in Brand Failures. For example, the Chevrolet Nova did not do well in Latin America and executives couldn’t figure out why ... until they discovered that in Spanish, no va means “it does not go”. In another case, Pepsi’s slogan “Come alive with the Pepsi Generation” translated in Chinese to “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave”.

IDU has experience with global products and services. As Roger Stubbs, Regional Manager Marine Lubricants West for Chevron Global Marine Products, said: “One of our regular challenges in a truly international business is making sure we can be understood by many different nationalities and cultures. IDU understands this requirement and helps us get our message across whilst remaining loyal to our house style” (see our related international product launch case study).

Our translation and cultural specialists will provide you with translations that are relevant and appropriate to your target audience. So go ahead, cross cultures with confidence — it’s time to promote your product in international markets.

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