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Fontrick 12-page Glossy Brochure

Completed January 2016
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A new niche for us to explore ... after a long time focused primarily in the technology B2B niche, we got a call off our website from Michele Wild, Marketing Manager at Fontrick Doors, a high-end manufacturer of custom doors and windows. She had seen our online portfolio and thought we would be the right creative firm to design a new set of elegant marketing pieces for her sales team.

As Michele explained: "If you have a $250,000 house, you won't be using our doors. A $500,000 house, maybe." She wanted the sales force to have an upscale, modular kit of glossy marketing brochures, folders, sellsheets, along with matching business cards and envelopes. The look and feel would be different from anything they had done before, but the logo and overall brand structure would remain unchanged. Although Fontrick's core products were outside of our regular niche, their business was similar to our current customers in two ways: 1) Fontrick markets products with high perceived value, rather than commodities, and 2) Fontrick does not sell direct to end users, but rather to architects, contractors and large retailers of doors and windows. After an initial meeting to discuss project goals and overall approach, Michele sent us an extensive library of digital assets (e.g., photographs, logos), and we got to work. This was a refreshing project for us, recalling many trips to the store for home improvement projects, and interactions with contractors. As the work progressed, we found that our high-end corporate B2B work blended well with the upscale look and feel Michele wanted. At the end of the process, Michele was impressed not only with our graphic design expertise, but also with our all-in-one capabilities: we created a brand tagline, helped rewrite the marketing copy, solicited printing bids and printed some of the work, created electronic flip-books for the website, and provided advice on how to shape the entire line of marketing collateral so all of the individual pieces work together with a stronger effect. Michele was very pleased with the first glossy 12-page sales brochure, and went on to commission sellsheets, custom pocket folder, business cards, letterhead and more.

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