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Sydor Optics Logo Design

Completed August 2015
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Sydor Optics operates on the cutting edge of optics technology — with the largest collection of double-sided grinding machines in North America — but the new generation of management felt that the company logo had become dated. Zachary Hussion, Marketing Manager at Sydor Optics, spearheaded the effort to update the brand. Following up on a recommendation from Vice President of Sales at their sister company Sydor Technologies, Zachary contacted IDU Creative Services for a proposal on creating a new corporate identity better aligned with the company's current vision and bleeding edge capabilities.

Zachary met several times with David Wright, Creative Director at IDU Creative Services. He liked David's proposal, the description of the process (and the price), and awarded the project to IDU. David toured their facility, talked through management's goals for the project, reviewed many peer and competitor sites, and then got his team to work. After a week of creative development, he presented the first round of logo concepts to a large group encompassing management, engineering and sales personnel. The feedback from this meeting was incorporated into round two. In the second meeting there was a good deal of discussion on the value of keeping a key element of the old logo (a spectrum bar) in the new logo, and in round three the group coalesced around a concept which took the straight spectrum bar and shaped it into a curve reminiscent of some of their optical products such as filters, wafers and optical flats. Although the spectrum in the logo required that its primary use would be in full color, there was also the requirement for embroidery and metal fabrication, so the logo was rendered in spot color and solids. The first use of the logo was on their new website, followed closely by new corporate business cards, trade show materials, and print advertising. After successfully completing a number of projects for Sydor Optics, Zachary sent IDU a nice testimonial.

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