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HearShield Logo Design

Completed February 2014
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When a high-net-worth Rochester entrepreneur needed help with the industrial design and appearance of a countertop medical device he was funding, he asked his vendors for recommendations on a firm providing cost-effective quality. IDU Creative Services was highly recommended, and indeed performed admirably on the project, transforming a device that looked like R2D2 into a sleek, Silicon Valley appliance. Based on the successful outcome of this first project, IDU was asked to work on a parallel project: designing the logo for HearShield, a light-weight hearing protection device.

The business partners had already commissioned a logo from another design company but were not happy with the result, considering it “cartoonish and/or like a college sports logo”. David Wright, President and Creative Director of IDU Creative Services, met with HearShield's CEO to discuss expectations, audience, competitors and manufacturing specifications. Due to the nature of the device, the logo would have to work effectively in an area 1.75" wide by .25" high, with a dark background. The target audience was defined as three very specific niche markets, and cost of manufacturing was a major concern. Taking these elements into account, the IDU team continued with research on most appropriate fonts, colors and imagery, and then development of various logo concepts. After a week of R&D, David presented eight concepts to the CEO. One of these — the first presented — was exactly what he and his partners were looking for, and this logo was finalized in several color spaces (full color, two spot colors, black and white, grayscale, reverse), and in various digital formats (EPS, JPG, PNG) for use on different media. Two versions of the logo were prepared: one for use at very small size, with reinforced stroke weight and additional letter spacing, and one for use at larger sizes. This was quickly followed up with design of business card and letterhead. Next up? Packaging and inserts for the product and accessories, and an e-commerce website.

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