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Bayer National Newspaper Campaign

Completed December 2013
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As part of their regular weekly workflow, IDU prepares individual magazine, newspaper and circular ads for Bayer HealthCare Diabetes Care. But in December 2013 a bigger project came in, involving implementation of a national ad campaign across 30 major newspapers.

To promote their new CONTOUR®NEXT portfolio of blood glucose monitors, Bayer purchased large ads in 30 of the largest national newspapers, such as the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and New York Daily News. Preshal Nimmagadda, Bayer's new Associate Marketing Manager for Channel Promotion, brought in IDU Creative Services to design the ad — which included three coupons — and then implement the ad for all 30 newspapers. Since most of the papers had widely varying ad specifications, IDU compared the amount of available space in each paper with the content desired by Bayer, and proposed two sets of content: a full set for papers with larger sheet sizes, and an abbreviated set to be used in three of the papers that had more limited space. After a number of rounds of revisions, approval was granted on the two proposed layouts. IDU then laid out the two sets of content in 15 ad sizes, liaised with the publishers as required, finalized the art and delivered the ads for printing. Our work for Bayer has elicited several nice endorsements.

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