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Chevron Sampling Point ID System

Completed July 2012
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When new ships switch over to Chevron Marine Lubricants products, labels and tags from previous suppliers remain on sampling and filling points in the engine rooms, creating confusion for the crew and potential hazard to ocean-going equipment.

With complex interactions between different identification systems, distribution channels and a harsh operating environment, Chevron needed to ensure that the correct Chevron products were being used in ships’ equipment and that the OEM-required used oil samples were truly representative of a particular system or piece of equipment. IDU was commissioned to research the requirements for product identification in ships’ engine rooms and identify the best solution. After thorough investigation, IDU proposed a linked system of product labels and heat-resistant identification tags zip-tied to lubricant pipes.

Chevron’s products were classified in three categories: major grade, minor grade, or minor in bulk. The full-color, weatherproof, permanent labels for major and minor in bulk grades were designed on A4 sheets of four rows, each row containing one large label and two small labels. The large label was applied to the tank, and the two small labels were applied to the plastic ID tags and feed lines. The labels for minor grades were designed on A4 sheets in three columns, each column containing eight small labels to be applied to the plastic ID tags, feed lines and various containers. In all, 30 separate sheets of labels were designed, encompassing 56 products. The labels sheets required custom dies to cut them, and were also drilled for a 4-ring binder for sales reps to include in Chevron’s Marine Lubricant Handbook, also prepared and printed by IDU. The PVC plastic sample tags were printed both sides in full color with one side writable and heat resistant up to approximately 190°F. The writable side was used to indicate the equipment name and sampling frequency for Filling Points. The Sampling Point side included instructions for taking accurate used oil samples. The small label corresponding to the correct product was affixed to the opposite side, providing a permanent record for rotating shifts of crewmen.

IDU designed the system and printed 20,000 cards, 15,000 label sheets, and provided 20,000 heat-stabilized nylon tie wraps. The ID cards, tie wraps and labels were shrink-wrapped in sets and shipped to the Chevron warehouse for global distribution. After two months in the field, Chevron’s lead engineer on the project reported: “The package looks more professional for our customers. Also, our account managers save much more time in composing the marine handbooks including the sticker package. So far all very positive feedback!”

Our technical work on this and other Chevron projects elicited a testimonial from Chevron engineering staff.

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