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Recent Projects Blog

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What’s new? Every few months, we select a just-finished project that was particularly interesting to work on, and write a little bit about it on this page. Please enjoy our latest post here, or click previous recent projects to browse other particularly interesting projects.

Massive PowerPoint Rebranding
Completed February 2016

Large corporations depend on PowerPoint for effective for sales presentations. Often sales departments create and maintain a great number of slide decks for products and selected markets, all quite long and packed full of valuable information. But what do you do when your parent company rebrands with a completely different look and feel ... and a completely different Powerpoint template?

This was the situation dropped in the lap of Chris Talbot, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for Ascom Wireless Solutions, a major healthcare communications company. Should he have his hard-working, already-stretched-thin sales professionals revise hundreds and hundreds of Powerpoint slides, with mixed results? No! They had better things to do. Luckily, Chris had a skillful vendor in mind who could do the work, make it look great, and leave his sales staff free to do their real job. Chris had worked extensively with IDU Creative Services while Director of Marketing Communications at PAETEC Communications, and although it had been several years and a relocation of 1000 miles, he shot David Wright a message through LinkedIn saying "How are you? May have a project. Contact me!" After the dust settled, IDU was installed as an approved vendor in Ascom's systems and the IDU team was working through hundreds of Powerpoint slides, upgrading the content to the new brand. As experts in brand identity, the IDU team was careful to use consistent application of fonts, colors, approved imagery and tone of voice throughout, even recreating charts and graphics as necessary. The content was evaluated for grammar and clarity, with recommendations for improvements noted. And of course, the files were all perfect "under the hood", down to the use of brand-compliant animation, clickable links between presentations and to external resources, as well as complete presenter notes. When the project was handed off, Chris and his team had 20 or so very hefty Powerpoint slide decks of 20–50 slides each to use in sales presentations for their enterprise healthcare communication products. The work was great, as expected, and Chris's team soon sent other projects: vertical presentations to be displayed on custom monitors, Web banner ads, and more presentations!

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web design rochester ny
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