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  We identify you through creative design

Our Mission

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Imagine a company totally focused on you. So focused that their name and mission statement are both expressed in the same three letters about you:   graphic design rochester ny

We identify you in the marketplace through creative design.

This is our mission; we are focused on you. The result? IDU Creative Services will help you stand out from the competition because we:



Identify you — conceptualize your big picture concepts for marketing and develop the creative elements to support them.

Identify you —determine your brand promise, benefits and personality, and create print and Web materials which perfectly describe your business.

Identify you — pinpoint your core marketing messages and present them in compelling graphic design.

You want success, and IDU will help you achieve success by increasing your brand recognition, improving the clarity of your message, and delivering exceptional creative services.

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or email for a free estimate on your project. We provide graphic design, brand design, web design and printing services to corporate clients, focusing on business-to-business marketing & technical communications in the areas of technology, industry and medical devices.
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We identigy you ... through creative design
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