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“Companies and organizations routinely and necessarily rely on design to capture and attract people to the truth of who they are.”
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx– Christopher Simmons

You’ve worked hard — your vision, product and strategy are in place. Now you face the Great Divide between your product and the consumer. How will you communicate your vision and create demand for your product?

Express your vision

According to Christopher Simmons, author and design guru, the designer occupies a space of profound influence “mediating the interface between brands and the context in which they live”. In other words, the designer creates the language to express your vision, support your strategy and promote your product. Through the agency of the designer’s well-crafted web pages, brochures, advertising, sellsheets, posters, tradeshow booths and other communications, the Great Divide is reduced to nothing more than a point on the road between you and your customers.

Engage your customers’ minds and hearts

At IDU Creative Services, we use creative graphic design to present your company’s message clearly and involve your audience on both the rational and emotional levels. We engage the customer’s mind through direct messaging with emphasis on features and benefits. We engage the customer’s heart through brand building with an emphasis on beliefs, values and emotions.

As we create the visual language that will communicate your vision, we strive to keep this thought in mind:

     Tell me, and I will forget.
     Show me, and I may remember.
     Involve me, and I will understand.
               – Confucius, circa 450 B.C.

The designs we deliver will help create demand for your product, because we stay focused on involving your customers’ hearts and minds. The end result? Your message is presented in compelling graphic design that makes people STOP, look and listen.

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