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“Kings play chess on fine glass surfaces.”

Mr. Hubregsen, our 9th grade biology teacher, taught us this mnemonic to remember the taxonomy that divides living organisms into more and more specific groupings (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species).

So now you’re wondering: what does biology have to do with graphic design?

It’s like this. Sometimes customers ask us what we do, so we hit them with our five creative service offerings — concept, content, graphic design, production and project management — and they say “Yes, but do you do brochures?” Then we get it — they’re looking for the next, more specific level in the mnemonic.

For the record, yes, we do brochures. We can also design your logo, website, business card, oil tower, convention booth, animated Web banner ad, email blasts, truck signage or do your printing work.

Ten things we can design for you

And now — to satisfy the need for a more specific taxon of our design offerings — here is a list of some of creative products we can design for you:
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Glossy brochures and print collateral — design and development of a wide range of printed materials (see samples of glossy brochures and print collateral).

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Logos and brand identity — development of your brand promise & personality, logo, corporate identity package, and implementation of brand across a range of media (see samples of logos and brand identity).

graphic design rochester ny

Advertising — creation of print ads and campaigns, including research and selection of media outlets and ad placement (see samples of advertising).

graphic design rochester ny

Web design — design and development of your website (or creative direction to your own Web programming vendor, if you choose), information architecture, usability testing, Web banners and animation (see samples of web design).

graphic design rochester ny

PDFs and digital media — design and repurposing of your marketing and technical material for use in a variety of digital media, including PDF, HTML and email blasts (see samples of PDFs and digital media).

graphic design rochester ny

Information graphics — creation of technical materials designed to present complex data clearly and professionally, with a minimum of distraction (see samples of information graphics).

graphic design rochester ny

Exhibition design — design and development of effective signage systems, structures (trade show exhibits and kiosks), and vehicular signage (see samples of exhibition design).

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Poster and banner design — design and development of murals, billboards, posters, hanging banners and banner stands (see samples of poster and banner design).

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Integrated campaigns — creation of coordinated pieces in various media to support product launches, regional expansions, product suites, line extensions or marketing blitzes (see samples of integrated campaigns).

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Multi-cultural design — design and development of material for international audiences, including translation, cultural research, and liaison with local manufacturers (click to see samples of multi-cultural design).

Breathe life into your project

There is one more way that creative services align with biology: creativity is like a living organism — growing, changing, and adapting to variable conditions. Creativity will breathe life into your project so it can also grow, change and adapt to variable market conditions.

Ahhh … life is good.

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