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“Be what you is, not what you ain’t. ’Cause if you ain’t what you is, you is what you ain’t.”
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx– Luther L. Price

Every one of our design projects is unique, and requires us to find a solution answering the specific needs of the client, audience and project goals. To illustrate how this works, we have prepared case studies of actual projects in several different areas (for example, graphic design, product launch and branding) which describe the client, project goals, and our solution.

So, let’s say you have a design problem that needs a solution:

  • You’re investing major dollars in a trade show and need traffic, traffic, traffic (see “3 Secrets for Trade Show Success”).

  • You’re launching a new product, and need a complete portfolio of product, technical and marketing materials (see “Product Launch Made Easy”).

  • You’re starting up your own company, and you need a brand identity that expresses everything you stand for (see “Build a Brand You Can be Proud Of”).

  • You need an annual report, and the deadline is approaching fast (see “Warning: Deadlines Ahead”).

  • Your salespeople are clamoring for top-of-the-line sales aids for your different product lines (see “Rx For Success”).

  • Sales of your long-established established brand are lagging, and brand dilution may be the culprit (see “Ursa: A Brand In Need of Discipline”).

How do you find the right solution?

There are as many different solutions as there are designers. Some solutions will be cookie-cutter, and others will be wildly off the mark.

IDU will find the right solution for you, because we put you first. We identify who you are, identify your core messages, and pinpoint the optimal creative approach to your problem. In other words, our solution will be “what you is, not what you ain’t”.

Look at our case studies

Other companies have wrestled with design problems similar to yours. Check out some of the case studies in our Case Study Index sidebar to see how they found the right creative solution.

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