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Your company logo is one of the most important business purchases you will ever make.

But your brand is much more than just a logo — it is everything that comes to mind and fills the heart when customers think of your company. Does your brand stand for something important to them? Is it unique? Is it intense and vibrant? Does it make them feel good? These are the qualities that help your customers gain an emotional connection to your brand and build brand insistence.

Build your brand carefully

Great brands don’t happen by accident: they are built from the ground up, with absolute clarity regarding the brand essence, brand promise, brand personality and target market.

We approach the process of designing a brand in four phases:

  • Establish the brand’s foundation concepts
  • Evaluate and finalize the brand name
  • Develop a visual identity
  • Implement the brand on all corporate materials

The brand design process is flexible and can be adapted easily for your specific situation and place in the brand life-cycle.

Put your best minds together

The first two phases typically include meetings with your key leadership team to brainstorm and reach a consensus on core brand concepts and approach. The decisions made here will have far-reaching effects, and will inform and affect everything that follows, including the corporate logo and wordmark, color palette, typography, editorial tone of voice, photographic style, even the types of materials chosen to communicate your message.

With a clear understanding of your brand’s core concepts, IDU Creative Services will create a meaningful and effective visual identity, culminating with the delivery of your logo and wordmark, corporate color palette, font palette, and brand guidelines.

Speak with one voice

A well-designed brand identity provides maximum return on investment. IDU Creative Services will implement your brand consistently across the breadth of your corporate communications. As a result, customers will hear a consistent message about the brand, and every contact with the brand will reinforce the identity that management has chosen.

All other things being equal, a company with a well-designed and implemented brand will outsell a company with a fragmented brand. IDU Creative Services will help you outsell your competition, because we deliver consistent, high-quality graphic design and brand identity.

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